Payment terms and conditions

This is how the purchasing process works

  • You send us an inquiry either over email or by using our contact form, describing your needs and challenges
  • We'll get in touch with you, and establish whether we're the best fit for your company
  • If all is good, we will either meet you in person or schedule a Skype call to learn all we can about your company and what we can do for you
  • We put together a proposal for moving ahead, outlining all we would do for you along with the cost for the project
  • If you accept the proposal, we'll draft a contract and sign it. Once the contract is signed, we'll issue the first invoice you can pay on this website
  • Payment conditions: Payments are done based on the invoices we send you. 50% of the fee upon signing the contract, 25% when the design has been approved and the final 25% after the project has been completed.
We take credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover).

Privacy policy

Markitekt does not store any credit card information. All transactions take place through SSL secure channels on a webpage provided by Nets Estonia, who stores the information on secure servers. Markitekt will never share or sell personal or financial information with or to any third party organizations.

Credit card payments are done by Nets Estonia, that is the subsidiary of leading Nordic processor company Nets Holding A/S, Denmark.

Refund policy

We guarantee our results. If the conditions in the contract have not been met within 12 months, you can get a refund. Funds will be transferred back to your card.

The Seller shall have the right to:
  1. receive from the Customer information necessary for measuring the effectiveness of the Work;
  2. receive assistance in accessing information required for achieving the results (server access, commercial information, marketing plans) and production of the content (website texts, gathering customer recommendations, and video and audio materials, if necessary);
  3. suspend the performance of the Work if the Contractor has asked the Customer for information required for the performance of the Work, but the Customer has failed to give it within a reasonable term without good reason;
  4. receive pay for the performance of the Work in accordance with the Contract.
  5. Make final decisions regarding web design
The Buyer has the right:
  1. examine the progress of the Work at any time, unless it considerably impedes the performance of the Work;
  2. in the event of defects in the Work, demand that the Work will be brought into compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contract;
  3. refuse to accept the Work if the Work contains any defects, except for minor defects that do not prevent the use of the result of the Work;

Accepted payment methods:

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