we make websites
We identify where your website is leaking money, and fix it. Essentially, we sell money.
We optimize your site for maximum conversions by
  1. conducting in-depth conversion research to figure out how to make you more money
  2. creating web design based on the best conversion know-how available today.
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Results that come from conversion science
You set the goal. We get the results.

Enjoy your new high-
converting website.

We don't design websites based on somebody's subjective opinion

Every project starts with defining the business goal. What follows is careful planning regarding how to design the website in such a way that it produces maximum results.

We design each website based on the best internet marketing, usability and persuasion know-how there is in the world today.

Our approach is based on in-depth industry knowledge and scientific research. After we launch your new website, we continue to test every part of it until we’ve tuned it to maximum effectiveness.
Why don't most websites produce desired results? It's because they're usually built like this:
  • client (or a committee) describes what kind of website they want, and then they get it
  • designers and developers decide what the website should be like
Eveybody should stick with what they know best. The clients are experts at what they do, and designers and developers are NOT marketers. When websites are built according to the described scenarios, it is too much to expect a business result from them.

Our competency is in designing websites that sell.
We build business results
Markitekt is a unique web marketing agency. Our difference is that we don't design the kind of website you want. Everybody knows what they want, but few know what they need.

We don't argue over taste, nor create "beautiful, but useless" websites. You tell us your business goal of your website. We conduct thorough research, decide what your website should be like and bring you results.

NB! If you want to be the one to decide over the design of your website, there are millions of companies who do that. If it's results you want - sales, leads, signups - talk to us.

We don't sell time, we sell value

Traditional web design agencies charge you by the hour, which is kind of weird, isn't it?

There's a clear conflict of interest here. The client wants:
  • project completed as fast as possible,
  • to focus on things that produce more results and avoid costly developments that are useless to that end.
When the company charges by the hour, their interest is:
  • to do everything as slowly as possible in order to have more billable hours,
  • upsell a ton of extra bells and whistles to increase the scope of work (= more hours).
That's not how we operate.

Our fee is based on the value we add. It's always a fixed fee agreed upon up front. Never any surprises.

Since we charge based on the value, we can serve you much better:
  • we can do things faster since we don't need to agree on every little detail and cost (the faster we complete the project, the better for us too)
  • you never have to worry about the budget since we agree on the total sum up front and don't bill you for every little move,
  • we're extra motivated to build you something amazing since our fee depends on the value,
  • there's no conflict in our motivation (whether we suggest something to add billable hours or to make more sales),
  • your expense on the project is fixed,
  • You have unlimited access to our expertise while we're working with you.
How much?
The correct answer: it depends. For most of our customers we do continous optimization for a flat monthly fee that includes *everything*: conversion research, forming hypotheses, designing new screens and writing new copy, designing and running A/B tests, analyzing the results and repeating it all. The fee will depend on the number of tests we can run per month.

If you need a new web site or a design makeover, the cost will depend on the scope of work and how much value we can add to your business.

The final deliverables can be
  • Actionable research document: a report detailing findings from our conversion report, telling you what to do to boost conversions
  • Conversion optimized design / UI in Photoshop (PSD) format
  • New optimized design screens in html/css
  • Short lead generation landing page or long-form sales page
The cost is going to be different for all of these. Get in touch and get a quote for your project.

Note: we don't develop full websites, our final deliverables will be either PSD or html/css files that you should give to your coder. We're happy to refer you to good people.
Only a few clients at a time
We don't run a factory here. Since we want to provide maximum value for each client, we only work with a carefully selected few at the same time. We like to think, discuss, prototype, measure and fine-tune, and that requires full dedication to the client. This is how we can ensure the quality of our work.

We don't sub-contract to anyone, you'll talk to us directly and we do all the work ourselves..

Since there are only a few companies who can use our services at any given time, better book your spot early.
Once we launch your new site, massive split testing should follow.

We design your website based on the best and newest research data available. But that's just the beginning.

The launched website is still a hypothesis in many aspects. Nobody knows in advance which value proposition, layout or pricing will work the best. You should be testing it.

After launching your new site we can perform rigorous testing for months to ensure the maximum conversion rate. Additional fees apply

Awesome results are built by an awesome team. Key figures:

Peep LajaMarketing architect

Peep is our conversion guru, the mastermind behind the work we provide for our customers. He has worked with thousands of companies in the US, Panama, Dubai and Estonia.

He runs a popular conversion optimization blog ConversionXL

Viljo Vabrit Managing director

Viljo is an experienced consultant and trainer, having worked years as a marketing manager in the civil sector.

Leho KraavMarketing technologist

Leho is an internet marketer and technology expert two in one. He combines his 3 academic degrees, 20 years in information technology and entrepreneurship experience into a powerful asset for adding value to our customers.

Laszlo ZagyvaDesigner

Laszlo is our Design. He has created hundreds of beautiful sites for clients around the world, spanning every continent. Whatever our analysts come up with, he's the one making it look good. He's also an excellent drummer and a classic car enthusiast after work.

Aivar LuhtAnalytics & Testing

Aivar has years of web development experience. He's responsible for tweaking and fine-tuning client websites, running ad campaigns and digging in the stats. Usability tests, A/B tests, PPC campaigns and landing pages are overseen by him. When he's not working, he's probably base jumping somewhere.

Marie PolliProject Manager

Marie studied economics and marketing making her a strategic marketeer. She's a geek with an open mind and a vivid imagination - perfect mix for finding an up-to-date, conversion optimized solution for your business' needs. Marie makes sure projects get finished on time and on budget. When not online or in the office, she's cross-country skiing, playing volleyball, travelling or sleeping.

Luis PereiraDesigner

Luis is a designer from Portugal. He graduated in new technologies of communication, plus a specialization in audiovisual. Luis loves cameras and tv series.

Maarja KäskDesigner and Front-End Developer

Maarja is like a swiss army knife. She designs beautiful sites with the passion of Michelangelo, while coding them with the precision of a german engineer. Combining skills from both worlds make her an invaluable resource to any project. In her spare time, she takes part in politics.

Jaan-Matti LilleväljaConversion Analyst

Jaan-Matti has been in marketing from an early age. In Markitekt he’s responsible for conversion analysis - Google Analytics, mouse tracking, customer surveys and user testing are his areas. He is mainly focused on e-commerce sites. He has studied marketing in Copenhagen, and is currently studying advertising in Tallinn. He also writes for ConversionXL.

Our approach to building websites consists of 4 phases:


The goal of our work is to improve your results.

The first thing we do is set goals and priorities - what's the most important thing, second and so on.

Next step - we conduct a thorough analysis: we dig in your analytics data, run usability tests, set up and look at heat map + scroll map data, talk to your audience via surveys and exit popups.

Based on your goals and our findings we decide on the design and strategy that will bring the results you need.


This phase is about planning the user experience and designing the website.

Your new website will be fine-tuned based on the best conversion science, usability and persuasion psychology know-how there is available today.

We work closely with your team and keep you informed every step of the way.


Based on our analysis, we decide on the key elements to test, prioritize them and heavily split test different parts of your website to maximize conversions.

Our aggressive testing period lasts 6 to 12 months.

Strategic marketing

Getting excellent results online is a marathon, not a sprint. Your website is the key component to your marketing, but you need a smart and effective plan to ensure sustainable customer acquisition and retention.

We work with your people, help you set growth strategies in place and consult you on how to get the maximum results from your website.
The more traffic you have, the better your ROI
Even the best, research-backed web design and copy are still hypotheses. We need to test everything and run tests for a period of 6 to 12 months to really learn what works for your audience. The number of experiments we can run is directly correlated with your financial success.

If your traffic is low, we can help you with a conversion optimized design. When the traffic picks up, we strongly recommend going for continous optimization.
Markitekt provides you with everything you need to make more sales online
Your success online depends on the sum of your web parts. If you're only missing one piece in the puzzle, we can help you with a specific conversion-related one-time service:
Additional services we offer:
  • Conversion research
  • Usability testing
  • Split testing and multivariate testing
  • Copywriting

Our promise: we will make your business money. If you're into that sort of stuff, we should talk.

Get in touch and let's discuss how we can help.

Our chief architect Peep Laja will happily discuss this: peep@conversionxl.com
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